Our Work

Our work serves to enhance the academic access and nurture the emotional well-being of LWSD students.

Lake Washington Schools Foundation

Overview of Our Work

The Lake Washington Schools Foundation gathers and deploys community resources to enhance academic access and to nurture all students’ emotional well-being.

Balance in Mind

A program that supports the emotional well-being of students.

Inclusive Libraries

LWSF partners with Lake Washington School District's equity efforts through the commitment of a 5-year grant to increase the diversity of library collections across the district

Amazing Reading Challenge

Amazing Reading Challenge

The Amazing Reading Challenge aims to engage elementary school students in a variety of new, diverse texts and compete in teams to answer reading trivia.

Parenting Workshops | Lake Washington Schools Foundation

The Parenting for Emotional Wellbeing workshop is an interactive training opportunity for parents to cultivate advanced social and emotional awareness and skills that can help you clarify your parenting identity, improve relationships in your family and help you raise resilient kids.

Calming Corners

Calming Corners serve as safe spaces within the school environment, intentionally designed to minimize external stimuli and cater to students who may be feeling overwhelmed or dealing with anxiety.

Parent Chat

Parent Chat hosts experts in youth mental wellness with webinars and discussions around topics such as anxiety, depression, social media, and more.

Food and Basic Needs Vouchers

Lake Washington Schools Foundation partners with its community partners to provide food and basic needs vouchers to food-insecure families in the district.

Find Your Fit

Find Your Fit is a college planning program for students and their families.

LINKS Lunch Buddy Program

A mentoring program that matches a caring adult with students who could benefit from additional attention.

Cornerstone General Contractors
Northshore Church
Overlake Medical Center & Clinics