Volunteers are vital to our mission and play a key role in the implementation and success of LWSF programs.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers play a key role in supporting the mission of the Lake Washington Schools Foundation. They bring a remarkable array of skills, expertise, and passion to the table, actively contributing to the implementation and success of LWSF programs, including Find Your Fit, Kids Coming Together, and Pantry Packs.

The commitment of our volunteers not only strengthens the Foundation’s impact but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration within the Lake Washington School District, showcasing the profound importance of volunteers in shaping a brighter future for students and the entire educational community.

Thank you to our 2023-24 Volunteers

Find Your Fit

Mary Pat O’Neil, Program Leader

Kids Coming Together

Deb Carmichael, Program Leader

Kristin Heffley, Program Leadder

KCT Youth Board

Event Volunteers

LINKS Lunch Buddy Program

Lunch Buddy Mentors

Pantry Packs

Robyn Ashton, Program Leader

Allison Dunmire, Program Leader

Jennifer Martyn, Program Leader

Colleen Rutherford, Program Leader

Erin Schadt, Program Leader

Shannon Schill, Program Leader

Pantry Packs Drivers

Packing Volunteers

Become a Volunteer

Here are some opportunities for volunteering with the Lake Washington Schools Foundation:

Volunteer RoleDescriptionLearn More
AmbassadorLWSF Ambassadors actively engage with their school community, promote the Foundation’s mission, goals, and activities, and serve as liaisons between the Foundation and their school. Visit our Ambassadors page or contact [email protected]
Kids Coming Together Event VolunteerHigh school volunteers facilitate Kids Coming Together events to help kids develop lasting friendships.Visit our Kids Coming Together website
Kids Coming Together Youth BoardThe Kids Coming Together Youth Board is responsible for the planning, coordination, and successful implementation of KCT events.Visit our Kids Coming Together website
LINKS Lunch Buddy MentorThe LINKS Lunch Buddy program provides one-on-one mentoring for youth in the Lake Washington School District. Volunteers are adults from all sorts of backgrounds, educational levels, and stages of life who can spare an hour each week to spend with a child to support their social-emotional development.Visit the LWSD Links Program webpage
Pantry Packs PackerJoin other volunteers in assembling Pantry Packs, or at a prepping event to unpack the food. Bring a friend. Bring your middle and high schoolers for community service hours. Bring a PTA/PTSA. Bring a scout troop. Bring a school honors club. Student volunteers over the age of 8 must be accompanied by a participating adult, and all volunteers must sign up online to participate.​ Due to warehouse safety issues children under the age of 8 are not allowed during packing sessions.  Submit the Volunteer Notification Form to be notified of future volunteer opportunities as they arise. 
Pantry Packs DriverThe Pantry Packs Volunteer Driver is one of the key people in the Pantry Packs process, and should be committed to timely delivery of packs. They work together with the school coordinator to create a system of communicating needs, storage for the month’s worth of Pantry Packs, and a distribution process for classroom/students.Contact [email protected]
Pantry Packs School CoordinatorThe School Coordinator can be a counselor, librarian, secretary, office manager, or any other staff member of the school. This person must be an LWSD employee. They work together with the volunteer driver to create a system of communicating needs, storage for the month’s worth of Pantry Packs, and a distribution process for classroom/students.Contact [email protected]

Do you have another idea for how you’d like to give your time and talent to help advance our mission? Contact [email protected].

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