Inclusive Libraries

Lake Washington Schools Foundation partners with the district’s equity efforts through the commitment of a 5-year grant to increase the diversity of library collections across the district. 

As part of our grant, district librarians will receive training to perform diversity audits of the fiction collections in their libraries, and to take action to broaden the diversity represented in these collections. Funding will be provided to each librarian to select and purchase new books based on needs identified in their diversity audit.

Through our partnership with the district, our hope is that every student will be able to see themselves and their peers represented in more inclusive and expanded library collections. 

Read about what Lake Washington School District has to say about importance of this endeavor in their April Connections newsletter‘s Equity Work In Action article.

I remember feeling surprised when I first read “Front Desk” by Kelly Yang, because it was a popular chapter book that featured a character who looked just like me. That was really the first time that I could picture an Asian girl being a main character, and not just a side character like those in so many novels I’ve read before.  It made me feel important and it made me feel seen. It made me feel like I could be the hero.  

LWSD student Robyn Le

“We were not simply reviewing books for diverse perspectives but also for positive representation. Positive depictions of diversity in a library collection allows students to understand themselves and others, preparing them to meeting new people with respect throughout their lives.”

LWSD librarian Greg Lawson
Overlake Medical Center & Clinics