Calming Corners

Calming Corners serve as safe spaces within the school environment, intentionally designed to minimize external stimuli and cater to students who may be feeling overwhelmed or dealing with anxiety.

High school can be a challenging time for students, with academic pressures, social dynamics, and personal issues often causing stress and anxiety. 

Through a collaborative effort with high school counselors, the Foundation provides funding for this impactful initiative at high schools across the district, creating or enhancing designated spaces for students to retreat, recharge, and find solace amid the daily pressures they face.

Foundation volunteers work closely with counselors to select and purchase various items, including beanbag chairs, rugs, shelves, sensory fidgets, galaxy projectors, coloring books and pencils, headphones, inspirational posters, aromatherapy diffusers, noise machines, and more.

The success of the Calming Corners project is best captured through the inspiring feedback received from high school counselors:

  • “Your support really helped bring our vision to life, and our students are putting it to good use!”
  • “We use this room often and daily, for our students that have anxiety, mental health needs or desire a safe and calm space to collect their emotions and thoughts to be able to go back to class.” 
  • “Our students loved the opportunity to propose items that they thought would make this a calm and welcoming space!”

This project is made possible in part by funding from the Lake Washington PTSA Council, a longstanding partner of Lake Washington Schools Foundation. LWPTSA Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to child advocacy in the state of Washington.

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