Table Captain

Bring your friends, your family and your community together for this year’s Be the Bridge Spring Benefit.

Be the Bridge Spring Benefit, our primary fundraiser for Lake Washington Schools Foundation, provides an opportunity for all of us to give back and invest in the next generation.

Each year, Lake Washington Schools Foundation asks our Table Captains to fill the room. This year, we are asking you to do it “virtually.” It’s a fun and simple way to support the Lake Washington School District.

Table Captains invite guests to donate to LWSF and to attend our live stream event on Thursday, April 28. If your guests cannot attend the live stream event, they can make a donation via your fundraising page at any time leading up to April 28!

Becoming a Table Captain

What does it mean to be a Table Captain?

As a Table Captain, you will invite your friends and family to celebrate as guests to support the mission of Lake Washington Schools Foundation, watch our live stream event,  hear inspiring stories, and make a gift. There is no limit to how many people you can invite to donate to your personal fundraising page!

How do I sign up as a Table Captain?

It’s easy! Follow the simple steps below to get set up!

  1. Click the Register to be a Table Captain button below.
  2. Add the Table Captain Registration ticket to your cart. (This also gives you a ticket to optionally attend the virtual event).
  3. Complete the free checkout.
  4. Follow the easy prompts to create your own personal Be the Bridge page. You start with a template that’s ready to share.
  5. Share your personal page on social media and email to encourage people to register and donate! Think of people that believe in our work or may be interested to support our mission!

Table Captain Resources

Now that I am registered as a Table Captain, what do I do next?

Once you are registered as a Table Captain with Lake Washington Schools Foundation, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Use the resources below to start inviting your guests to join your fundraiser! If you have any questions, contact [email protected]. Good luck!

Email Samples

Feel free to try our sample emails when making your ask!

Sample #1: As you know, I have been really involved in the Lake Washington School District in many aspects over the years. I love supporting the community and Lake Washington Schools Foundation because I LOVE the work they are doing. All of the programs have been truly impactful in our community. Now more than ever, we need to support one another. Will you please join me in supporting Lake Washington Schools Foundation with a donation? or perhaps you want to join me for the live stream spring fundraiser to see their work in action? Visit (Insert your Fundraising page link).

Sample #2: I am so passionate about Lake Washington Schools Organization. Their work is near and dear to my heart. You can make a secure donation online to LWSF on my personal fundraising page! We can work together to raise funds for the programs that are needed most for the kids in our community. Your support means a lot to me. Thank you! (Insert your fundraising link here)

Social Media Sample Posts

Use these samples to create your own social media posts. Add our #bethebridge hashtag in your posts so we can stay connected!

Sample #1: I hope you’ll consider joining me to watch a live stream of Lake Washington School Foundation’s Be the Bridge Spring Benefit on April 28, or support me with a donation: (Insert Fundraising Page). All funds raised will go towards supporting students in the Lake Washington School District. Learn more about LWSF’s vital work in our community by visiting

Sample #2: I am raising money for Lake Washington Schools Foundation, which supports students in Lake Washington School District. Their slogan, “Invest in Students, Invest in our Future”, means a lot to me because I have spent so much of my own time in the district and watched many children grow and succeed. I want to keep supporting all of the amazing things happening here because LWSF is making a difference in the lives of so many children. Please consider making a donation today: (Insert Fundraising Page)

Sample #3: If you know me, you know that I love to support a good cause. Lake Washington Schools Foundation is one that allows kids to be supported by tackling food insecurity, advocating for mental wellness, mentoring students, supporting college planning, increasing student equity, and more. Through my years involved in this school district, I have never been more proud to ask for your support. Please open your heart and wallet to donate. (Insert Fundraising Page)

Downloadable Images

To download, click on an image below.

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Visit our Media Kit to download our logos.

Information About Our Work

Visit Our Work to learn more about some of our high-impact programs and projects.

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