A Thank You Letter to LWSF Program Leaders

LWSF expresses gratitude to its program leaders for their hard work and dedication to the Foundation’s mission.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead

On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff members, and our community, I want to thank our amazing program leaders for their commitment to our shared mission to enhance academic access and to nurture all students’ emotional well-being.

To honor our program leaders adequately is impossible. Each of them has spent countless hours of personal time to support the Foundation, performing critical work focused on removing barriers, supporting wellness, building connections, and enhancing the learning of students in our community. Their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm are truly inspiring.

  • For raising awareness and empowering our community to support youth mental health: Nancy Colburn, Barbie Collins-Young, Sheri Gazitt, Val Horvath, Vanessa Jones, Bonnie McDaniel, Alison McElroy, Irene Neumann
  • For supporting high school students and parents in the college application process and preparing them for success after high school: Mary Pat O’Neil
  • For creating opportunities for youth to make friends through community service, and for fostering the leadership skills of local high school students: Deb Carmichael and Kristin Heffley
  • For providing vital social-emotional support to students through on-site mentoring at our elementary schools: Victoria Goetze-Nelson
  • For ensuring that no student in Lake Washington School District goes hungry through the packing and distribution of weekend food packs throughout the community: Robyn Ashton, Allison Dunmire, Jennifer Martyn, Colleen Rutherford, Shannon Schill

To all of our program leaders: we would like to express deep gratitude for your generous support, and we hope you have gained some inner satisfaction in knowing through your efforts you have and continue to make an undeniable impact on thousands of students and families.


Katy Philips

LWSF Executive Director

Bonnie is the Communications and Programs Coordinator for Lake Washington Schools Foundation.

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