Stress & Anxiety

Parent Chat | Anxiety in Elementary-Aged Children

Anxiety in young people continue to be on the rise, sometimes starting at a very early age. Learn to recognize the signs of anxiety and to use strategies to support your elementary-aged child.

Parent Chat | Back to School Anxiety

Coach Sheri and Kristie Neklason share thoughts on taming back to school anxiety.

Parent Chat | Taming Teen Stress

Part 1: Signs, symptoms, and what you can do when your teen is chronically stressed. Chronic stress is much more common than you thought. With Sheri Gazitt of Teen Wise and Michelle Brode of Youth Eastside Services.

Part 2: Sheri Gazitt and Michelle Brode discuss how to tame teen stress. You will learn when to worry, what to watch for, how to support youth wellbeing, how to encourage helpful thinking, and how to develop a plan for the rough spots.

Parent Chat | Is it Stress, Distress, or Anxiety?

Join Michelle Brode of YES for tips when your teen is overwhelmed, and how to tell if it’s stress or anxiety and when to get additional support.

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