Wall Of Love – 2023

On this Valentine’s Day, a donation has been made to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation, in the honor of the following teachers and staff members. Your hard work and commitment to the success of your students is greatly appreciated.

Names will be updated on a weekly basis and are organized alphabetically by last name.


Michael Adamik, Lake Washington High School
Anjali Adelsman, Kirkland Middle School
Tina Agrawal, Sandburg Elementary
Joseph Al-Talib, Mark Twain Elementary
Principal Kelly Clapp and JHS Educators, Juanita High School
Peter Anderson, Lakeview Elementary
Megan Anothen, Margaret Mead Elementary
Krithika Balasubramanian, Redmond High School
Christopher Bamlett, Lake Washington High School
Yurika Bang, AG Bell Elementary
Yurika Bang, AG Bell Elementry
Julie Barker, AG Bell Elementary
Karen Barker, Clara Barton Elementary
Jen Basi, Eastlake High School
Thomas Baugh, Timberline Middle School
Nicole Baughman, Mead Elementary
Jaclyn Beaudoin, Margaret Mead Elementary
Kimberly Beckwith, Helen Keller Elementary
Hannah Bedell, Sandburg Elementary
Christine Bell, Lake Washington High School
Elliott Bell, Clara Barton Elementary
Diane Belleba, Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary
Renee Beluche, Margaret Mead Elementary
Jessica Benintendi, Emily Dickinson Elementary
Stephen Bennett, Juanita High School
Jill Berge, Lake Washington High School
Kristi Bergquist, Horace Mann Elementary
Bettina Berton, Evergreen Middle School
Abigal Bien, Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary
Valerie Blackburn, Evergreen Middle School
Kendra Bohm, Wilder Elementary
Rachel Brackett, Lakeview Elementary
Stephanie Brewer, Evergreen Middle School
Kristen Broadie, Redmond Elementary
Jamie Brown, Lakeview Elementary
Jessica Brown, Lakeview Elementary
Jessica Brown, Lakeview Elementary
Jamie Brown, Lakeview Elementary
Jamie Brown, Lakeview Elementary
Amy Bucy, Evergreen Middle School
Erica Bullock, Ben Rush Elementary
Barbara Butler, Timberline Middle School
Tess Camera, John Muir Elementary
David Cardenas-Gomez, Emily Dickinson Elementary
Heather Carter, Rachel Carson Elementary
Annette Chan, Clara Barton Elementary
Jaime Chapple, Mark Twain Elementary
Peter Cheng, Juanita High School
Nita Cherry, Redmond High School
Racheal Chhong, Blackwell Elementary
Teja Christensen, Finn Hill Middle School
Julie Chung, Peter Kirk Elementary
Julie Chung, Peter Kirk Elementary
Kristin Coberly, AG Bell Elementary
Michelle Cody, Ben Franklin Elementary
Karen Cosme, Wilder Elementary
Karen Cosme, Wilder Elementary
Karen Cosme, Wilder Elementary
Liz Courage, Lake Washington High School
Curran Cummings, Redmond Elementary
Renee Cunningham, Einstein Elementary
Renee Curry, Kirkland Middle School
Sharon Curry, Redmond High School
Kristian Dahl, Evergreen Middle School
Julie Daviscourt, Thoreau Elementary
Melissa Deabler-Urben, Horace Mann Elementary
RozzetteJade DeGuzman, Margaret Mead Elementary
Simmi Dhindsa, Timberline Middle School
Hailey Doherty, Sandberg Elementary
Scott Donavan, Lake Washington High School
Urbin Donnafield, Juanita High School
Elizabeth El Fattal, Redmond Middle School
Leslie Elmer, Lakeview Elementary
Chelsea Enbody, Mark Twain Elementary
Katie Engebretson, Samantha Smith Elementary
Katherine Enslein, Kamiakin Middle School
Sara-Aubrey Erikson, Finn Hill Middle School
Michelle Erstad, Lake Washington High School
Megyn Essig, Lakeview Elementary
James Evans, Juanita Elementary
Charles Falla, Lakeview Elementary
Nathan Farrar, Einstein Elementary
Kelly Fenberg, Peter Kirk Elementary
Carson Fenwick, Redmond Middle School
Brad Fisher, Lake Washington High School
Eithan Fisher, John Muir Elementary
Chris Fleharty, Redmond Middle School
Kay Flowers, AG Bell Elementary
Kay Flowers, AG Bell Elementary
Quinn Fortney, Evergreen Middle School
Lucita Fox, Lake Washington Highschool
Katherine Frakes, Mark Twain Elementary
Katie Frakes, Mark Twain Elementary
Katie Frakes, Mark Twain Elementary
Kellee Freni, Mark Twain Elementary
Erica Friedman, Henry David Thoreau Elementary
Cailyn Gale, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Ali George, Ella Baker Elementary
Allison George, Ella Baker Elementary
Trina Gerrits , Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary
Toni Gibson, Norman Rockwell Elementary
Georgia Glickert, Peter Kirk Elementary
Marisa Gonzalez, John Muir Elementary
Belinda Gordon, Blackwell Elementary
Emma Gorski, Redmond Middle School
Emma Gorski, Redmond Middle School
Sarah Gray, Redmond High School
Carl Green, Lake Washington High School
Christina Gregori, Kamiakin Middle School
Sayali Gujar, Einstein Elementary
Kelly Hakes, Wilder Elementary
Kevin Hakes Miller, Kirkland Middle School
Kari Hale, Juanita High School
Amanda Hall, Redmond Elementary
Tahani Hammad, McAuliffe Elementary
Tahani Hammad, McAuliffe Elementary
Maren Handy, Redmond Elementary
Jamie Hanna, Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary
Lauren Hardin, Mark Twain Elementary
Jen Harris, Juanita High School
Kaitlyn Hawkins, Rose Hill Elementary
David Haworth, Evergreen Middle School
Joanna Hecker, Ella Baker Elementary
Morgan Heetbrink, Lake Washington High School
Morgan Heetbrink, Lake Washington High School
Alexandra Henry, Margaret Mead Elementary
Jane Hitchcock, Redmond High School
Elizabeth Hobbs, Rosa Parks Elementary
Chelsea Hoekstra, Redmond High School
Allie Holler, Rachel Carson Elementary
Browyn Hood, Sandburg Elementary
Justin Hopkins, Lake Washington High School
Nicole Howell, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Zachary Hubbard, Lake Washington High School
Carla Huffman, Lake Washington High School
Janica Hutchinson, Samantha Smith Elementary
Kyle Hutchinson, Audubon Elementary
Susan Jackson , Evergreen Middle School
Corinne Jansen, Ben Franklin Elementary
Shilpa Jeyathilak, Blackwell Elementary
Kevin Joffre, Redmond High School
Jayden Johansen, Norman Rockwell Elementary
Alyssa Johnson, Lakeview Elementary
Linda Johnson, Einstein Elementary
Milloy Kawabata, Kirkland Middle School
John Kelleher, Emily Dickinson Elementary
Annette Kern, Redmond Middle School
Hwa Lyung Kim, Audubon Elementary
Gloria Kim, Redmond Elementary
Kelly Kirkness, Juanita Elementary
Madeline Knies, Evergreen Middle School
Brenna Knowles, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Brenna Knowles, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Matthew Kruse, Lake Washington High School
Kimberly Kutzke, Einstein Elementary
Sam Kuyper, Redmond High School
Gary Larson, Wilder Elementary
Megan Lawson, Redmond High School
Amanda Layton, Lake Washington High School
Rebekah Lazoritz, AG Bell Elementary
Sadie Lee, Rose Hill Elementary
Denise Lemieux, Mark Twain Elementary
Denise Lemieux, Mark Twain Elementary
Denise Lemieux , Mark Twain Elementary
Arny Leslie, Tesla STEM High School
Rebecca Lessie, Ben Franklin Elementary
Paige Lilly, McAuliffe Elementary
Paige Lilly , McAuliffe Elementary
Molly Linnell, Norman Rockwell Elementary
Natalie Lohr, AG Bell Elementary
Taryn Long, International Community School
Isabel Lorenz, Old Redmond Schoolhouse
Isabel Lorenz, Old Redmond Schoolhouse
Morgan Lowe, Ben Franklin Elementary
Kelly Luiten, Clara Barton Elementary
Alyssa Luiten, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Cynthia Lynch, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Alexandria Macdonald, John James Audubon Elementary
Alex Macdonald, John James Audubon Elementary
Haley MacInerney, Inglewood Middle School
Taylor Macintire, John James Audubon Elementary
Joseph MacKenzie, Lake Washington High School
Monica Macri, Margaret Mead Elementary
Alex Majewski, Kamiakin Middle School
Molly Mancinelli, Emily Dickinson Elementary
Darioush Mansourzadeh, Kirkland Middle School
Alexander Markov, Inglewood Middle School
Charles Martin, Rose Hill Elementary
Julie Martin, McAuliffe Elementary
Hannah Martin, Margaret Mead Elementary
Leanne Mawhinney, Lake Washington High School
Gretchen Mayo, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Meredith McDonagh, Mark Twain Elementary
Megan McLaughlin, Clara Barton Elementary
Christine McLaughlin, Explorer Community School
Kyle McMurtry, Evergreen Middle School
Kyle McMurtry, Evergreen Middle School
Yelena Merrigan, Old Redmond Schoolhouse
Hattie Midboe, Stella Schola
Jessie Miera, Juanita Elementary
Sara Miller, Rosa Parks Elementary
Trish Miller, Evergreen Middle School
Julie Moore, Audubon Elementary
Janet Moreno, Frost Elementary
Melanie Mumford, Timberline Middle School
Karen Murk, John Muir Elementary
Heather Murphy, Ella Baker Elementary
Amy Myhre, Kirkland Middle School
Cynthia Neils, Mark Twain Elementary
Brenna Nelson, Redmond Middle School
Leo Norton, Timberline Middle School
Miok Oh, Ben Rush Elementary
Mary Olson, Inglewood Middle School
Mary Olson, Ingelwood Middle School
Grace On, Rose Hill Elementary
Nicole Orswell, Frost Elementary
Courtney Owens, Lakeview Elementary
Gia Parsons , Sandburg Elementary
Heidi Paul, Timberline Middle School
Naomi Pena, Clara Barton Elementary
Maria Perez, Evergreen Middle School
Kristi Petereit, Rosa Parks Elementary
Jo Anne Peterson, Evergreen Middle School
Victoria Peterson, Mark Twain Elementary
Elizabeth Peterson, Margaret Mead Elementary
Shalina Peterson, Samantha Smith Elementary
Shalina Peterson, Samantha Smith Elementary
Thuy Pham, Frost Elementary
Jennifer Phipps , Albert Einstein Elementary
Michelle Plischke, Samantha Smith Elementary
Danielle Potter, Kirkland Middle School
Keirstin Potts, Einstein Elementary
Kristin Ramey, Inglewood Middle School
Hanah Rasmussen , Norman Rockwell Elementary
Lori Reilly, McAuliffe Elementary
Andrea Riley, Sandberg Elementary
Susan Ring Vitue, Lake Washington High School
Bryan Rowley, Redmond High School
Todd Rubin, Redmond High School
Vanessa Ryan, Timberline Middle School
Anne – Magali Sanchez, Juanita High School
Priya Santhana Vannan, Ben Franklin Elementary
Jessica Sattari, Clara Barton Elementary
Gretchen Sattler, Ella Baker Elementary
Kate Schjoneman, Ben Franklin Elementary
Tracy Schmitt, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Amy Schneider, Wilder Elementary
Angie Sego, Clara Barton Elementary
Alan Semrau, Evergreen Middle School
Cassidy Shevitz, Sandberg Elementary
Aja Sholder, Redmond Middle School
Ashley Siebert, Rose Hill Elementary
Ashley Siebert, Rose Hill Elementary
Stacy Sikora, Rosa Parks Elementary
Jeremiah Skalisky, Kamiakin Middle School
Leah Smith, Redmond Middle School
Widi Soetomo, Evergreen Middle School
Margot Spaans, Albert Einstein School
Morley Spencer, Peter Kirk Elementary
Kimo Spray, Emily Dickinson Elementary
Stacy Stacy, Rosa Parks Elementary
Mark Staiff, Lake Washington High School
Mark Staiff, Lake Washington High School
Staphnie Stearns, Kamiakin Middle school
Chloe Stedman, Evergreen Middle School
Patrice Stockton, Evergreen Middle School
Patrice Stockton, Evergreen Middle School
Stacie Strong, McAuliffe Elementary
Kirsten Sutherland, McAuliffe Elementary
Sara Swift, Margaret Mead Elementary
Rachael Tanis, Margaret Mead Elementary
Maris Tanner, John Muir Elementary
Abigail Taylor, John Muir Elementary
Abigail (Abby) Taylor, John Muir Elementary School
Kait Teachout, Wilder Elementary
Carolyn Thompson, Norman Rockwell Elementry
Michelle Toth, McAuliffe Elementary
Brittany Townsend, Einstein Elementary
Kei Tsukamaki, Juanita High School
Victoria Vacknitz, Ben Rush Elementary
Kaitlin Vagt, John Muir Elementary
Laura Van Auken, Emily Dickinson Elementary
Madison Van Der Veen, Peter Kirk Elementary
Julia Vasiliauskas, Timberline Middle School
Cathy Webb, Mark Twain Elementary
Jenna Weed, John Muir Elementary
Barbara Weibel, McAuliffe Elementary
Jessie Wellington, McAuliffe Elementary
Carly Wesley, Mark Twain Elementary
Carly Wesley, Mark Twain Elementary
Meghan Whitestone, Norman Rockwell Elementry
Meghan Whitestone, Norman Rockwell Elementary
Steve Wiebe, Redmond High School
Karen Williams, Clara Barton Elementary
Marilyn Williams, Thoreau Elementary
Dean Willis, Lake Washington High School
Sarah Wilson, Redmond High School
Gerry Wilson, John Muir Elementary
Brett Wisdom, Mark Twain Elementary
Brett Wisdom, Mark Twain Elementary
Michael Wolski, Rose Hill Middle School
Desiree Woodruff, Audubon Elementary
Kirsten Woodward, Canyon Park Middle School
Elle Woolwine, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
Carla Yamashiroya-Hedges, Timberline Middle School
Heather Zapata, Evergreen Middle School
Kirby Zornes-Osborn, Redmond High School


Roman Anderson
Kat J
Thoren Olson and Family
The Thompsons
Elise Eng
Chris Ying
Andrew Li
Colter Anderson
Natalie Harris
Lin Herold
Robert Harris
Ann E Franklyn
Aaron Steinbok
Pan Family
Ishaan Kannegunda
Bella Yang
Ryan safari
Knott Family
Hastings Family – Ercule, Arthur, Agatha, Lakror, and Templeton
Sia Srivastava
Caliana Wilson and family
The Carroll Family
Knott Family
Madhav Iyer
Neha Kotagiri
Ryden Tamanaha
The Carroll Family
Eva Zhao
Tsega & Elise Eng
Leo Lexington
Parker Sherwin
Avery Brown and family
Gemma Moore
Ryan Donovan
The Lugtu Family
Allison Don
Pan Family
Caliana Wilson and family
Rafael Bornholdt Nogueira
The Carroll Family
Yan Duan
Anya Surenyants
Thomas O’Meara
Dev-Vishnu Hirpara
Casey Chu
Evelyn Irving
Eva Zhao
Brian Dong
Ellie & Nathaniel
Viaan Velicheti
Iuchi-Fung Family
Ben Shapiro
Arnav Madhavaneni
Sean Park
Elizabeth W.
Pan Family
Dominic Aguilera
Roman and Colter Anderson
The Carroll Family
Natalie Czyzewski
Sneh Joshi
Corina Iatco
Amber Sui
Enslein Family
Bernardo Varejao
Roman, Colter and Shawna Anderson (THANK YOU!!!)
Lorenzo Gheller Nicacio
Tsega Eng
Caitlin Iuchi-Fung & Family
Isaiah McCartin
Natalie Czyzewski
Roman and Colter Anderson
Gene Heo
Natalie Czyzewski
Henry Thompson
Benjamin Leap
Annie Ye / Ling Chen
Senior Fox
Elie Tamneva
Quinn Jackson
Carter DeGrace
Adela Iatco
Anisha Singh
Andrew Cai’s Family
Evan Halazon
David Druker
[email protected]
Benjamin Ko
Mila Lamba
Chase Conway
The Bryant Family
Quinn Williams
Kian & Connor Iuchi-Fung & Family
Jake Hudson
Charlie Page & family
Iuchi-Fung Family
Novak Lutz
Nicholas J.
The Carroll Family
Leo Lexington
Victor S.
Alex K.
Sanyu Wanjohi
Danielle Druker
Advika Patil
The Carroll Family
Wesley Kristensen
Ankush Pakhare
The Wren King Family
Knott Family
Wenai Angela Huang
Jake Hudson
James and Samuel Chen
Jake Hudson
The Reeve Family
Advay Lalavat
Alicia Chen
Sushruth Kanumuri
Vedant Neema
Yan Duan
Tian Family
Austin Sherwin
Iuchi-Fung Family
Kate Reynolds
Ella Wilson and family
Kai Gorman
Sai Karthikeya
Ana Sampaio
C. Madrid Family
Annie Ye / Ling Chen
Tanmayi Samayamantri
Anvi Chinchwadkar
Rio Kawamoto
Iuchi-Fung Family
Eva Zhao
Andrew Li
Jake Hudson
Ryan Harris
Thoren Olson and Family
Owen Page & family
Adam Zakaria
Yasemin Turkoglu
Varenya Reddy Dhachireddy
Khushal Bharatwal
Brian K.
Vedant Shanker Yagnick
Jackson Lohr
Emre Turkoglu
Veer Kataria
Arjun Mandava
Vedant Neema
Madelyn Skinner
Srilahari gundimella
Ayaan Arora
Shanvika Addanki
Sai Karthikeya
Dagny Davis
Shawna Anderson (Roman’s mom)
Rachel Mason
Charlie Page & family
Caliana Wilson and family
Maggie Dalton
Dagny Davis
Dana Davis
Pragya Yagaty
Colter and Shawna Anderson
Mom & Dad
Oliver Zhao
Gabriel Marin
Jackson Parrish
The Carroll Family
Veer Kataria
Molly Page & family
Marley Silvia
Aadya Dey
Val and Manda Mangrai
Cooper Roen
Natalie Manandhar
Pan Family
Daniel Bozhilov
Elena Fernandez
Nicholas J.
Abhiram Selvaraj
The Bryant Family
Pan Family
Andrew Don
Dagny Davis
Walter Steinbok
Natalie Manandhar
Vivi Nash & Family
Pan Family
Elizabeth Barker
Val and Manda Mangrai
Alan Mao
The Carroll Family
Victoria Arena
Wennuo Noah Huang
Ahana Ray
Amber Sui
Saumya Sharma
Moksh Gupta
Kate Reynolds
Tian Family
Dagny Davis
Joanna Wang
Ahad Nawaz
Roman Anderson
Vanessa Ryan
Vedant Neema
Coraline Skinner
Audrey Hatchel
Vedant Neema
Riley Chung
Braiden & Family
The Carroll Family
Natalie Czyzewski
Samar K Shadab
Ziana Chutani
Charlie Page & family
The Bryant Family
Val and Manda Mangrai
Ella Wilson and family
Tanvi Kumar
The Wren King Family
Knott Family
Reva Galande
Annie Ye / Ling Chen
The Lugtu Family
Val and Manda Mangrai
Dana Davis
Kelly Qu
Jeffery Zhang
May Heo
Cole Walker
Caliana Wilson and family
Eva Zhao
Cindy Wang
Mohammad Ayaan Nawaz
Kate Yun
The Carroll Family
Finn Walker
Ella Wilson and family
The Piantanida Family
Pan Family
Katherine (Kat) Janson
Jessie Chen
Zoe Cai
Dana Davis
Joshua Arena
Gustavo Bornholdt Nogueira
Elsa Wang
Julia Ovanesyan
Wiebe Family
Bastien Ochoa Benitez
Jake Hudson
Jordan Starbuck
June Heo
Hannah Jackson
Owen Liu and family
Sai Karthikeya
Nikola Perez
Aadya Dey
James Jeffrey (in memory of Lena Jeffrey)
Val and Manda Mangrai
Pia Santelices-Shaffer

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