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2016 Spring Fundraising Events

2016 Event Date Apr 20 Apr 27

Join us for the 2016 Spring for Learning Events. This year the Foundation is hosting two events, a luncheon on the 20th and a breakfast on the 27th to make it easier for supporters to find a time to join us.

This is the Lake Washington Schools Foundation biggest fundraiser of the year. It helps the Foundation fund programs that make a difference for students:

  • A great teacher makes a difference. That's why the foundation helps fund the new teacher support program to assist new teachers during their first few years in the class room.
  • A safe learning environment makes a difference. The foundation supports Safe School Ambassadors to reduce bullying and increase attendance so that students can focus on learning.
  • A caring adult makes a difference. Programs like LINKS and AVID connect students with a mentor that helps them navigate challenges to find success in and out of the classroom.

You too can make a difference. Join us to help ensure that every one of our students has the skills and confidence to be successful, from kindergarten through senior year, from Juanita to Sammamish. Every student succeeds!

April 20th


April 27th


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